The Importance of Immersion

Contrary to the old saying that ‘necessity is the mother of innovation’, new technology is very often – from the adopter’s point of view – a solution in search of a problem. We saw this at UWA with the upgrade of the online learning management system Moodle to Blackboard several years ago, during which there was a fair bit of pushback from… Continue reading The Importance of Immersion

How Virtual Swordplay Can Enhance Student Learning

It occurs to me that before I go any deeper into chronicling the development of Thine Enemy I should briefly explain why I chose to build an educational virtual reality game and how I hope it will enhance student learning. These are questions with non-obvious answers which have been posed to me by some very learned… Continue reading How Virtual Swordplay Can Enhance Student Learning

Tools of the Trade #1: Unity/MonoDevelop

The meta-aim of Thine Enemy is to encourage and empower other people to do the kind of digital work I find myself doing at the moment.We are living in a golden age of open-source and community-driven creative software which has made it easier than ever to get started building educational games and experiences – I taught myself everything… Continue reading Tools of the Trade #1: Unity/MonoDevelop